The Old and New Squinter

Meyer wrote,

The First Squinter goes thus; when you are in the Zufechten, then note as
soon as he goes out to strike to your left, then position yourself as if you
would strike at the same time to him, do not complete this, but rather turn
your Sword in the air so that your hand comes crosswise, and then cut in
from above to his right with the short edge and crossed arms, at the same
time as him, so that his Blade comes also to his right, or falls by your
Right, however, step well with the left foot to his right side.

The Second is the Old Squinter cut, that goes thus; In the Zufechten send
yourself into the right Wrath guard, if he cuts then at your head from
above, thus step from your right and strike to his cut by turning the short
edge over his sword in to his head with outstretched arms, how the figures
hereafter show.

Remember the I idea that all other master cuts can be derived from the Zornhau? This not only demonstrates the theory is right, it lends context to that theory.

If the version that doesn’t start as a normal cut is the “Old Squinter” then it stands to reason that the first one is a modern invention. I can’t claim Meyer himself came up with the idea, but it strongly suggests that the Liechtenauer tradition didn’t do it that way.

ref: Joachim Meyer’s 1560. English translation by Kevin Maurer, Meyer Freyfechter Guild, December 2012

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