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Pini’s Seven Double-Hit Scenarios

Assembled by Charley Dobbs. More info: 1. when an attack is performed correctly in or out of measure, and is opposed with an arrest, time thrust, or body evasion in which the counterattacker neither covers himself with opposition of … Continue reading

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Which Guardia di Testa?

We are currently using two interpretations of Guardia di Testa.   Experimentally we found that the version on the left is superior as a static guard. That is to say, when you just lying in wait to either bait your … Continue reading

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Guardia Alta, Definitely Underrated

Guardia Alta is definitely underrated when it comes to sword and buckler. You can attack the head using any line you want, even straight up through the chin. If you want to attack the legs, simply attack the head first … Continue reading

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Photos of original Norwegian buckler and replica

  Photos of original Norwegian buckler and replica by Roland Warzecha » Fri Feb 22, 2013 11:19 am One of a number of bucklers of similar size and construction from Norway.Find more commented pictures in this gallery. Attachments Oslobuckler_01_s.jpg (97.51 … Continue reading

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Interpreting Devices, Plays, and Routines

When interpreting a device, play, or routine it is often useful to break it down into individual tempi. Generally speaking, each tempo will consist of a single movement of the sword, a single step, and the guard that you will … Continue reading

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Practice Notes: Bad Footwork isn’t the Problem, it is the Symptom

A few nights ago I was throwing beautiful Schielhauws. Everyone said so, usually with the phrase “That was a beautiful strike, so why to you keep getting hit?” Well after some thought we realized the problem was my footwork. Rather … Continue reading

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