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Instructions for Making a Pendulum Pell

A pendulum pell is a historic training device consisting of three parts. A ring is used for thrusting, a ball for cutting, and a conical stem for winding exercises. From what I understand, these could be quite ornate and were … Continue reading

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Fechtschule America 2013 Finals

The Sword and Buckler bouts were… less than impressive, but I really enjoyed the longsword.

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15th Century Infantry Armor – Jack chains

  TherionArms – Jack chains

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Class Notes: Fixing Wide Pflug, Part 1

For me wide pflug, also known as Ringeck’s Pflug, is just about useless. It looks like this: Solothurner When is really should look more like this: Ringeck See how the left arm is nearly straight? Ringeck is pushing the sword … Continue reading

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Practice Notes: Left-handed Footwork

This is a basic lesson that I teach left-handed fencers. I don’t know why I teach it, as they will inevitably use it on me. But whatever… The drill starts with the right-handed master in third or fourth. His left-handed … Continue reading

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Practice Notes: Dealing with Left-Handed Hand Sniping

Today I found myself teaching someone how to deal with hand sniping. To make it extra fun, my student was fighting left handed. Teaching rapier is always an interesting experience for me because while I love the support, I’m not … Continue reading

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Zwerch from Ochs? Don’t be silly.

I’m starting to think that it is silly to throw Zwerch from high guards, especially Ochs. I’ve been experimenting with using the Zwerch from Nebenhut and found it to be frightenly fast. The tip only has to travel a quarter-circle … Continue reading

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