Instructions for Making a Pendulum Pell

A pendulum pell is a historic training device consisting of three parts. A ring is used for thrusting, a ball for cutting, and a conical stem for winding exercises. From what I understand, these could be quite ornate and were often made from brass. I presume the brass was easier to shape and less likely to damage the sword than steel.

Pendulum Pell

In this example the stem is straight rather than conical and the parts are all steel. Someday I may make one out of brass, but right now my metal spinning skills are quite that good.

I used a 2 1/2″ ring, a 4″ ball and a 1 1/4″ pipe.

The ring is perfect for synthetics, which is to say if you hit it dead on the blade slides right in, but off a bit to either side and the ring will spin away from you. Next time I am going to make the ball and pipe smaller.


Industrial Metal Supply

  • Steel Ball
  • Steel Ring
  • Candle Plate
  • 1/4” Steel Rod

Hardware Store

  • Two Keychain Split Rings
  • Keychain or Carabineer Hook
  • Pipe
  • Epoxy Putty


  1. Center punch the steel ball
  2. Using a long bit, drill through both sides of the ball. A jig may be needed to hold the ball in place.
  3. Using a 17/64” bit, widen each hole. The 1/4” rod should slip through smoothly without binding or slopping around.
  4. Deburr holes with a reamer.
  5. Center-punch and drill the candle plate to 16/64. Again, using a small drill bit first is preferable.
  6. Cut the pipe to length. From what I’ve seen, it should be approximately the same height as the ball.
  7. Deburr pipe with a file. Note: A pipe cutter will give you cleaner edges than a cut-off or hack saw.
  8. Assembly ball, pipe, plate, and rod. Measure rod for the assembly, leaving roughly 1/4 to 3/8” of both ends.
  9. Cut rod to length and file to deburr.
  10. Using a grinder or file, make a flat spot on both ends of the rod. This is to assist in drilling.
  11. Using a 1/8” bit, drill a hole through both ends of the rod. Go slow and use plenty of cutting oil.
  12. Attach one keychain ring to the steel ring. This may stretch it out a bit.
  13. Attach same ring to 1/4” rod, then add the ball and pipe.
  14. Apply the epoxy putty to top of pipe, then attach candle plate.
  15. Attach the other keychain ring to the rod and hook.
  16. Hang the pendulum.
  17. Apply epoxy putty around the base of the pipe where it meets the ball. You can do a simple joint like I did or use a lot of putty to give is a more conical look.
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4 Responses to Instructions for Making a Pendulum Pell

  1. I would love to know where you learned about pendulum pells? Are there any extant historiacal pells ?

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