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Tempo and Indes

Tempo and Indes, In Theory Consider the fight between a fencer in vom Tag against a fencer in Alber In the fencer in vom Tag commits to an attack, the fencer in Alber, can counter to leaping forward and slicing … Continue reading

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Using Bolognese to Reinterpret the Kronhauw

What exactly is Kron? I thought it was pretty well established, but that question recently came up in a few forum discussions lately. This leads me to believe that there is actually a lot less certainty that I was lead … Continue reading

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The Counter to the Counter to the Scheitelhau

In Ringeck and Pseudo-Peter von Danzig have a technique for breaking Alber, the Fool’s guard using the Scheitelhau. There is some dispute about how to do it, but the counter to this is explicitly described as kron. The counter to … Continue reading

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Practice Notes: Right Ochs vs Right Pflug

This is a easy little trick. From right ochs, drop your tip slightly and cut to the weak of the sword along the line of F (riverso ridoppio for you Italians). Immediately follow this with a step and long edge … Continue reading

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