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Pendulum Pell Video Lesson 1

This is my first attempt at recording a video lesson, so please bear with me. The sound quality was horrible due to traffic so I’m sticking with just captions this time through. In the longsword manuals of Meyer and Mair … Continue reading

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Stepping Off-line from Alber

…works really well for me. Especially when I use the false edge to hit the trailing edge of my opponent’s blade, giving it extra momentum in the direction it was already going. If I do this especially well and they … Continue reading

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A Double Tondo to the Head and Its Counter

While free sparring with arming swords (i.e. side swords) we came across a surprisingly effective attack using horizontal strikes to the head. At least it was effective until we discovered the counter. The Attack While your opponent is in a … Continue reading

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Paulus Hector Mair’s Halberd – The First Two Oberhau

Stance The halberds are held high on the haft, with the left foot forward and the left knee deeply bent.  According to the illustration, the right hand can have a normal or reverse grip. For this drill we experimented with … Continue reading

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What is the Vorschlag?

And then, if he manages to get to him, and he knows the measure and thinks the adversary can and will reach him now, so he should hurry to him without fear, quickly and nimbly, going for the head or … Continue reading

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So you’ve krumped, now what?

Imagine that you have successfully used the crooked strike so that you end in this posture. Now what? As I’ve mentioned many, many times before, simply leaving his sword to throw a short edge cut from that position is a … Continue reading

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Our Workbook for Studying Manciolino’s Offenses and Counters

The PDF below contains our study guide for Manciolino. Keeping with our group’s tradition, this is based around the idea that the students need to work through the plays themselves to determine what it means. While I do introduce some … Continue reading

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Applying the Assaults

Practicing and memorizing assaults are an essential part of learning the Bolognese tradition of fencing. But rote memorization can be tedious and easily forgotten. (I say this as someone who has forgotten both his Marozzo and Manciolino assaults.) So lets … Continue reading

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Fence with Novices

Those of you who have been following the forums know that I’ve been rather cranky with some videos on winding and the crooked strike. Simply put, my problem with them is that they don’t work against the novice. The novice … Continue reading

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Redefining the Bind

Most videos show binding drills that start with both fencers throwing a zornhau to longpoint so that they are in a neutral bind. This has several problems. In theory, it shouldn’t ever happen. If fencer A throws a zornhau and … Continue reading

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