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A More Effective Krumphaw

I often see the crooked strike performed as two cuts. First the krump itself onto the sword, then a follow up strike. The problem with that is it leaves a sword blade near your leg, free to do all kinds … Continue reading

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Mair’s Longsword – A Play of Zornhau Against the Thrust

Translations: First Actor – Myer’s German Translation Zornhau Against the Thrust It happens that you stand with the Zornhaw (Wrath Strike) with the left foot forward. Then follow after with the right and hit him strongly from … Continue reading

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Filippo Vadi – Chapter 8, About Cuts and Thrusts

Rota and Fendente and Voltante, against the thrusts are said, and so is shown, that these are not dangerous. And when they come at us, all blows make them lose the way, also losing in the process chance to strike. … Continue reading

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A Working Interpretation of Nebenhut for the Longsword

To my knowledge there are no definitive illustrations of Nebenhut (side/close guard) for the longsword. Here is what we do have: Andre Paurñfeyndt When you fight with one, and are oncoming to him, thus stay with the left foot forward … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Longsword – 8r This is the Correct Squinter

That’s is Meyer’s title, not mine, but I really like his idea about how to use it. This is a preliminary interpretation, a starting point for my research. Thus when one holds his Sword to the left in Zufechten, then … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Longsword: Intro to 1560

The introduction to Meyer’s 1560 longsword lists numbers guards and cuts. To my annoyance, it doesn’t actually cover all of these. Even the primary guard Fool and the master cut Scalper (i.e. vertext or parting cut) are omitted from the … Continue reading

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