Notes on Meyer’s Rapier

Here are some rough notes from a SoCaL Swordfight class by Jeff Jacobson of Tattershall School of Defense. If anything seems wrong assume that my notes were flawed rather than his instruction.

Primary Guards

High Guard: Center, Left, and Right Variants. High Guard has two sub-variants: High guard for the cut and high guard for the thrust. High guard for the thrust is also called Ochs.

Middle Guard (Iron Gate):  Center, Left, and Right Variants

Low Guards:  Center, Left, and Right Variants. Low guard on the left or right is sometimes referred to as side guard.

Long point is the full extension of a lunge. Straight parrying is with the (nearly?) fully extended arm but without extending the foot into the lunge. Straight parrying allows for a thrust.

Primary Cuts

Vertical cut: Center, left, or right. Also known as oberhau or the suppressing cut (Dempffhauw).

Diagonal cuts: Through the shoulder to ribs, ribs to belly, or the thigh. Also known as the defending cut [is that name right?] because it can be used to defend against all cuts and thrusts. The diagonal parry uses the technique of Abschneiden (slicing off).

Horizontal cuts: Through the neck, belly or knee..


All cuts should be shoulder high. If you want to cut lower, lower your shoulder.


Jeff invented two plays that demonstrate the aforementioned defensive cuts and how they flow into guards such as Ochs. But my notes are too incomplete to faithfully reproduce them here.

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