Antonio Manciolino – Chapter 3, the First Invitation

A lot of new concepts are presented in Manciolino’s third chapter. For example, here is an invitation to be used when both you and your opponent are in Guardia Alta.

Moreover, you could have cut a tramazzone falling into porta di ferro, thereby leaving yourself entirely uncovered, so that he would have cause to throw some blow at you; immediately going with your sword into guardia di testa and advancing forward somewhat with your right foot, whereby you will defend yourself, throwing thereafter a mandritto, either to the face or the thigh, warding your head equally with the buckler, you will then retreat back to the rear with your right foot for your protection.

An interesting aspect of this invitation is that it suggests a nachreisen. By starting with the tramazzone you are suggesting to your opponent that you misjudged the distance and he should chase after you, throwing a cut where your sword just left. 

image image image

It should be noted that Manciolino, like Marozzo, uses a point-up Guarda di Testa. The later author dall’Agocchie prefers a point down Guarda di Testa. One of my club members swears by it, but I find it to be slower from Porta di Ferro and it risks the hand. Once we get some complex hilts with knucklebows I may change my mind.

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