A feint that was too good

I used to try this this feint from Meyer, but I usually wound up getting hit. I used to think my feint wasn’t convincing enough, but actually that wasn’t the problem at all.

In the Onset, come into right Wrath, and as soon as you can reach him, then step and cut at his left ear as far as his sword, but before the cut connects, lift the pommel and let the blade run off by his left side without hitting and pull it around your head; then cut at his other side outside over his right arm at his head.

What was really happening is that the design of the feint was fundamentally flawed. The way I was performing it, my opponent’s natural parry was a counter-cut towards my own head. With my blade in place it wasn’t a big deal, but since I was rushing to my cut his “parry” landed a blow just as mine was landing on his.

I’m not working on Meyer right now, but I think I have a fix. If I’m reading this right, your blade is allowed to touch your opponent’s after you raise the hilt into a sort of hanging guard. Once you’re sure that he’s doing a static parry, or have deflected his counter-cut, proceed to the real attack.

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