Mair’s Longsword – The Schillerhaw (Squinting Strike) from Both Sides

This play begins with what seems to be a description of breaking Pflug using a Schielhauw.

When you come to the closing with the opponent, set your left leg out in front such that the short edge is wound under. Then step out with your right foot, wind your pommel beneath your right arm and set upon him with the point.

Pflug’s Counter

If he sets upon you with the point like this, then displace it and immediately wind in the Zwirch, hang with your sword against the Zwirch on your right side and step out with the left foot. Then wind the point in between his arms such that the short edge stays on top.

When he says to “wind in the Zwirch” what he means is to wind into a position as if you are preparing to throw a Zwerch (or have just thrown a Zwerch). So basically we’re talking about an extended Ochs on the right.

After you go up, you immediately go down and in. Your opponent’s blade should be caught beneath your long edge and its quillon, being happily trapped in the triangle they form.

Regaining Control

If he winds his point in between your arms like this, then set this aside with your long edge. With that press downward and let the weak run and strike him with the long edge to his head.

This one is a bit tricky. Using your long edge, you need to reverse the bind. This requires far more fighting at the blade than I like, but at least the longsword’s two-handed nature is well suited for this.

If you succeed then you push down to collapse his guard as you thrust inward. The exact outcome varied greatly when we tried it, but did look like the illustration more than once.


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