Giovanni dall’Agocchie – Third Provocation from Coda Lunga Stretta

At first glance this appears to be a beat like the first two provocations,

You can also give a mezzo mandritto to the enemy’s sword, promptly stepping forward with your right foot and thrusting a punta riversa into his chest, followed by a riverso tramazzone which will fall into coda lunga stretta.

Through experimentation we found that performing a hard beat was actually counter-productive. Rather a soft beat, or even just a constraint, is preferable when trying to control the opponent’s sword during the thrust.

The riverso tramazzone is a bit problematic. When I hear “riverso tramazzone” I think of a wrist cut where the blade passed by my left side, but that doesn’t work here. It seems what is really important is that the blade is directed towards the opponent’s right side. It it easier to have the sword fall to the right and then cut across at an angle so be it.


Third, as he beats your sword with the mandritto, you’ll turn a dritto tramazzone, drawing your right foot back in that tempo, and your sword will go into cinghiale porta di ferro. 

This counter is not easy. Between the constraint formed by the mezzo mandritto and the thrust you’ve only got a heartbeat. You need to void backwards as quickly as possible, using the tramazzone as extra protection.

You may hit his arm in the process, but don’t get greedy. If you intentionally aim for the arm then you don’t void back far enough and will get hit at the same time. Focus on your safety, and if you happen to hit him in the process just call it a bonus.

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