Antonio Manciolino – Second Offense against Guardia di Testa

Or extend a thrust to his face and throw a tramazzone.

The second offense against Guardia di Testa is a true provocation. The thrust causes him to raise his sword, exposing his arm to the tramazzone that follows.

Note that in Manciolino’s system the tramazzone is thrown with the wrists crossed, usually under the buckler.


But if the enemy turns a thrust with a tramazzone you will protect against such a thrust with the sword. And when he turns tramazzoni at you, you will put your sword hand under your buckler, directing the point of your sword toward the enemy’s hand.

The counter is a simple parry, anything that works, followed by a falso to the hand as he prepares the tramazzoni. It is not necessarily a falso, but that is what seems to work for us.

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