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Martial arts are not just about killing the other person

There is a common misconception amongst fencers that the purpose of martial arts is to kill your opponent as quickly and as efficiently as possible. But in a real fight your goal is avoid injury while “winning”, which does not … Continue reading

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Cutting Verbs: Throw and Turn, Drop and Ascend

It was explained to me that there is an important difference between throwing a cut and turning a cut. Consider this passage from Manciolino: Accordingly, posing the case that you and your enemy are in guardia alta, and that you … Continue reading

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Rethinking Meyer

It is often said that Meyer doesn’t use thrusts. The common explanation that I was given before was that Meyer was just teaching sport fencing and his techniques were not applicable outside of the school. After watching Jean Chandler’s lecture … Continue reading

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New Fencing Workbooks

Instructions, Terminology, and Footwork rev 3 Manciolino Bolognese Sword and Buckler 1 rev 4 Manciolino Bolognese Sword and Buckler 2 rev 2 German Longsword 1 rev 4 Mair German Longsword 2 rev 4 And some drafts that we are working … Continue reading

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