Meyer’s Longsword – Analysis of Right Ochs


image image

  1. Right foot is lined up with opponent’s feet (blue lines) and at nearly 90 degrees.
  2. The ankle on the right foot is rolled slightly in to be in line with the leg rather than flat on the ground.
  3. Left foot is off to the side of the opponent with the foot turned outward.
  4. Distance between the feet is approximately one foot width.
  5. Both knees are bent
  6. The right hand is above the shoulder.
  7. The cross guard is above the hip.
  8. The right index finger is extended. The grip is done with the ring and pinky finger.
  9. The left rink and pinky fingers are loosely touching the pommel.
  10. The long edge (red) is up and slightly outwards.
  11. The point is level with the armpit.
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