Interpreting Fiore – Difficulty Levels

These are some notes from Schola San Marco’s Fiore Seminar in November 2013.

The clothing and beards of the masters are used to indicate how difficult the play is.

Here we see a clean-shaven master representing the easy, beginner level plays. (Beginner in the context of Fiore, not beginner as in just picked up a sword for the first time.) He is telling us that even beginners can easily accomplish the technique.


The slightly older master with more ornate clothing is doing an intermediate play. Here he is discussing how he has dislocated and broken arms but has never himself suffered that fate.


For advanced techniques the master wears a golden beard. He holds the key to the three locks or binds that Fiore uses in his wrestling plays.


Finally there is the expert level master shown with a forked beard. His fallen enemy is at his feet, the burrito of victory in his arms.


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