Interpreting Fiore – Crown and Garter

These are some notes from Schola San Marco’s Fiore Seminar in November 2013.


The crown represents the master who is introducing the start of a section.



The garter is used to indicate who is acting in the play.

Most garter plays refer back to the previous crown, not the previous garter.

Usually, but not always, the garter is on the leg that will be moving next. Note: that leg may not necessarily be moving forward.


I can’t say that I am convinced of the moving leg thing.

Crown and Garter

If you see both a crown and a garter then it represents the beginning of a series of counters to the last crown play.

Pisani-Dossi MS 5r-f.jpg

Speed Lines

Like in comic books, there are indicators of motion. This can be seen by the clothing trailing behind when the actor quickly moves forward.


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3 Responses to Interpreting Fiore – Crown and Garter

  1. Ian Mac Pharlaine says:

    Thank goodness Im not the only one who noticed that the Garters are indicative of stepping and footwork. A lot of the plays work better when you step with the indicated foot.

  2. Isto says:

    Haven’t heard of that garter and footwork thing before. Sounds like an over-interpretation to me especially if that doesn’t work always. Can you give me some examples of that?

    It’s an interesting idea so I will keep my eye on that in my future studying.

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