Interpreting Fiore – False Edge Cuts and Winding

Here is a zoomed in image of yesterday’s illustrations. Notice how the fingers on the right fencer are turned up. He is throwing a false edge strike, possible a Schillerhaw (Squinting Strike).

The parry for this is done with the true edge. This is illustrated by the longer top quillon, which means it is closer to the camera.


The fencer on the right winds to the true edge. You know this because you can now see the thumb.

The master on the left also winds, this time so that his false edge is against the blade. Again we see this by the longer quillon on the bottom.


Note that in both of these actions the angles are really steep. The quillons for all four swords are nearly vertical. Biomechanically this is stronger than turning your edge 90 degrees to the opponent’s sword (if your foot work also matches the illustrations).

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