Fiore’s One-Handed Sword – Second Play

Here is the illustration for the second play. It arises from the true edge parry shown yesterday.


Red: The base line shows a narrow, almost inline, stance.

Green: The left foot is turned slightly inwards. The master is on the ball of his right foot.

Blue: The weight is shifted forward with a slight incline of the body.

Purple: The distance between the fencers is roughly the distance between the master’s feet.

Orange: The left hand is turned outward and on the opponent’s hand. The right hand is pulled back so that the quillon is above the shoulder.

Garter: This is on the left foot, suggesting that foot moves next.


After the true edge parry, step forward with the left foot. As you do this, extend the left arm with the palm out.

Immediately throw the right foot back into a narrow pace while pulling back the sword for a thrust.

Then step forward with the left foot, thrusting while rotating the opponent’s sword hand outward.

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