Sword Sheath for Blunted Feder

I’m done making the new core for my longsword sheath. I think I’ve finally got a repeatable process that doesn’t require hand-carving the slot and groove.


Here it is doing a hang test.


And with a quick shake,


Straight to the ground; I couldn’t have hoped for a better fit.

In order to account for the blunt I needed to use three cuts. A blade slot, a schilt slot, and a blunt groove. The original measurements called for the blade and schilt slots to have the same depth, but I had to go back and deepen the schilt later.

image BoxShot_20131216072954

I also made sheaths for Rawlings long and short swords and the Pentti short sword. Fortunately they only require a single blade slot so they need a lot less cleanup when I pull them out of the CNC router. If anyone wants the VCarve files for them let me know. Or heck, maybe I’ll make up a batch to sell.

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4 Responses to Sword Sheath for Blunted Feder

  1. Florian says:

    Hey there,
    I was just stumbling upon your projekt and loved the look of it, i am amazed of how well it fits and maybe you could be so kind to send me those files you used. (if you still have them and are willing to share them)

  2. Tim says:

    Did you ever make multiples of the rawlings sheath.

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