Fiore’s One-Handed Sword – Third Play

Here is the illustration for the second play. It arises from the false edge parry shown two days ago.


Red: The base lines show that the master has a long, somewhat narrow stance. His opponent has a wide stance and seems unbalanced.

Purple: The master’s lead foot is slightly past the opponent’s lead foot.

Green: The right foot is turned somewhat inward, the left foot up on the ball.

Blue: The master is upright and balanced.

Yellow: The rear leg is straight, the front knee bent.


After the false edge parry beats his sword to the side, immediately increase the right foot. Press forward and down with the sword, collapsing his arm and cutting him in the head or face.

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2 Responses to Fiore’s One-Handed Sword – Third Play

  1. Joe says:

    I dont know much about Fiore but when reading his material on Wikenauer I realized his one handed sword techniques do not really look like an arming sword or even single handed sword. Is Fiore’s one handed sword section being done with a stsndard two handed longsword? Is he just using the same sword but with one handed techniques?

    • Grauenwolf says:

      My former instructor firmly believes that the one handed and two handed swords are different in Fiore. Other instructors disagree.

      It’s not my place to offer an opinion as Fiore isn’t a primary focus of study for my club.

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