Meyer’s Longsword – Alber Guard Analysis



  • Left foot is turned slightly out.
  • Right foot is turned out, but not quite 90 degrees.
  • Right foot is flat on the ground.
  • Left foot (blue line) is to outside of the opponent’s feet (red lines).
  • Body forms a straight line to the rear foot.
  • Head is tilted upwards.
  • Head and shoulders are directly above left knee and foot.
  • Left knee is bent so lower foot is 90 degrees to the ground.
  • Rear leg is straight.
  • Left hand is above the front foot.
  • Both arms are somewhat bent.
  • Index finger is over the quillon.
  • Thumb is raised onto the flat of the sword.
  • Left hand is just above the pommel.
  • Lone edge (red) is turned slight to the left.
  • Point is extended nearly to opponent’s foot.
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