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What is it called when your forearm is the same size as your foot?

  There is a branch of anthropology that measures the size, dimensions and proportions of the human body. This is called anthropometry.Others simply call it body proportions. As Bill M stated, Leonardo da Vinci has a famous drawing called the … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Longsword – Analysis of Right Ochs

  Right foot is lined up with opponent’s feet (blue lines) and at nearly 90 degrees. The ankle on the right foot is rolled slightly in to be in line with the leg rather than flat on the ground. Left … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Ochs? No, not quite.

As I was preparing for a Meyer longsword class I happened upon this video titled Longsword Guards of Meyer. Here is their ochs.   And here is Meyer’s Ochs. Corrections: The right hand is gripping too tight. The point … Continue reading

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Correcting Guardia di Sopra il Bracco with Mair and MS I.33

Having established yesterday that feet are allowed to be crossed, we would like to reexamine Guardia di Sopra il Bracco. First, the text: The fourth is called “guardia di sopra il braccio” because the hand that grips the sword comes … Continue reading

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Fiore Dagger – Fourth Master, Third Play

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Taking a Long Hard Look at Guardia Alta or Yes, I Know My Feet Are Crossed

Based on my new understanding on how to read footwork, I’ve come to the realization that we’ve been doing Guardia di Sopra il Bracco wrong. But to understand why, we must first take a long, hard look at Guardia Alta. … Continue reading

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Fiore Swords, Longer and Shorter Than I Thought

These are notes from Schola San Marco’s Fiore Seminar in November 2013. I was under the impression that Fiore used a single sword for both one and two handed work. After reviewing some high resolution Getty scans the instructor convinced … Continue reading

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