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Marozzo’s Weapon Progression

Partial Translation available at Book 1 Sword and Buckler: Ch. 10 Book 2 Sword and Dagger: Ch. 36 Single Dagger: Ch. 52 Dagger and Cape: Ch. 58 Sword and Cape: Ch. 64 Two Swords: Ch. 76 Sword and Large … Continue reading

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Why do I write about fencing?

Why do I write about fencing? Because as a student that is what I am supposed to do. In the Middle Ages students didn’t just memorize and mindless repeat what they were told.  No, they had to go far beyond … Continue reading

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More on Indes, Techniques, and How to Train to Not Think

Many have believed that the word Indes has its origin from the Latin word intus [inside], and indicates the inside combat, which arises from the windings and similar work; but you will hear now that this is not true. I … Continue reading

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Test “Cutting” With a Blunt Sword

I spent a few minutes test “cutting” with my rapier today. Nothing but wrist and elbow cuts, the shoulder and body were not used at all in these actions. Short Blade Long Blade If you look closely in the first … Continue reading

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Having Trouble Entering the Bind? Then Stop Trying.

There is a reason I didn’t talk about binding, winding, fuhlen, slicing, and so forth in my last post. Those are advanced topics. Those are ways to break someone’s device or cutting pattern. And if you are a novice they … Continue reading

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Indes in the Onset

Meyer’s cutting patterns are bookended with opening slashes and a concluding Zwerch to cut away safely. In the Onset when you come within a fathom [six feet?] of your opponent, then slash up from your right before him through his … Continue reading

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Black Lance 5-finger HEMA Gloves

  Black Lance 5-finger HEMA Gloves

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Flat of My Strong!

I just noticed that the thumbnail for the famous “Flat of My Strong!” video shows the parry landing on the edge. Though I think either edge, or the flat, would have worked for this particular parry it does make the … Continue reading

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Tournament Notes – Jan. 2014

The trick with shinai and shield is to treat it just like an arming sword and buckler. Use the same combinations, but with more emphasis on the falso to cut over the shield. Standard defenses such as showing a montante … Continue reading

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Camillo Agrippa – More on the Disengage from Prima

The disengage in prima occurs when someone tries to beat the point of your sword away using a mandritto or riverso. So basically anyone using standard Bolognese tactics. I was under the impression that this was a full disengage, but … Continue reading

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