Meyer’s Dagger – High Left Parries from the High Guard

The second play also begins from the high guard, but is used against downward blows.

Meyer instructs us to catch the opponent’s arm in the crook of your dagger and wrist. It may seem natural to do this with an inverted blade, which can work, but is not what Meyer is asking for.

Rather, Meyer wants you to thrust the blade over the arm as seen in this video:


As before, Meyer also offers a summary of the technique:

The second parrying is to catch his hand on your wrist under your dagger with a counter-thrust, just as he is thrusting in.

This is where my group went wrong on Sunday. I thought it meant “your wrist under your dagger” when he mean “his hand… under your dagger”.


As with the thrust to the side, rotating your body away from the blade is essential. When you watch the video you see that the fencer on the right moves his lead foot first so that the closest part of his body voids the attack as early as possible. Then he moves his back foot so that the attack cannot be easily redirected to his left.

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