Flat of My Strong!

I just noticed that the thumbnail for the famous “Flat of My Strong!” video shows the parry landing on the edge. Though I think either edge, or the flat, would have worked for this particular parry it does make the “protect the edge” argument somewhat laughable.


That aside, I think it would be useful to practice these parries when using Pflug. Resisting the urge to turn the edge so that it is perpendicular to the attack will leave it on-line for a quick counter-cut.

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1 Response to Flat of My Strong!

  1. There are various topics that over the years forms of schisms in the “community” they all tend to revolve around relatively small differences of interpretation and often cause heated and almost violent dissagreement and often strong animosity between factions… like all schisms or “heresies” This one haunted us for a while, and embers on occasion glimmer, though now we have other topics to do it with… though generally with less vehemence as the evangelists have stepped out of the limelight…

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