Marozzo’s Weapon Progression

Partial Translation available at

Book 1

Sword and Buckler: Ch. 10

Book 2

Sword and Dagger: Ch. 36

Single Dagger: Ch. 52

Dagger and Cape: Ch. 58

Sword and Cape: Ch. 64

Two Swords: Ch. 76

Sword and Large Buckler: Ch. 85

Sword Alone: Ch. 94

Sword and Rotella (round shield, strapped): Ch. 101

Sword and Targa (square buckler): Ch. 113

Guards: Ch. 137

Left-handed Fencers: Ch. 146

Cuts: Ch. 145

Sword and Imbraciatura (large shield, strapped): Ch. 152

Sword and Imbraciatura vs Polearms: Ch. 156

Sword and Rotella or Buckler vs Polearms: Ch. 157

On Foot vs Horse: Ch. 160

Book 3

Two-handed Swords: Ch. 161

Book 4

Partisan and Rotella: Ch. 179

Partisan Alone: Ch. 180

Pike or Lance on Foot: Ch. 182

Spiedo: Ch. 183

Bill: Ch. 184

Polearms vs the Bill, Halberd, or Axe: Ch. 185

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