Equipment for Bolognese Fencing

Spada (Sword): Any style. This school was used in dueling so you have to be capable of using whatever weapon your opponent selected. Maximum length is to the navel when measured at the cross guard.

Brocchiero Stretto (Small Buckler): Approximately ten inches in diameter based on historic artifacts.

Brocchiero Larga (Wide Buckler):  Approximately 12 to 14 inches in diameter.

Rotella: Round shield, with either a strap across both arms or a strap across the arm and another across the hand. Often ornately engraved.

Targa: Rectangular buckler, may be made from a variety of materials including “steel, wood, or parchment”.

Pugnale (Dagger): Variety of designs with varying lengths and widths.

Cappa (Cape): Sleeveless overcoat worn on the left shoulder and held in place with a ribbon or cord passing under the right arm.

Partigiana (Partisan): A spear-like polearm with a sharply tapered, double-edged blade. Could be used effectively for both cuts and thrusts. May have protrusions on the sides called lugs.

Spiedo: Like a partisan, but with additional wing like blades instead of lugs.

Ronca (Italian Billhook): A billhook is an inverted J-shaped hook used for pruning trees. The ronca adds lugs, a forward spike, and a perpendicular spike opposite the hook.

Lancia (Spear): Longer than other polearms by two or three arm lengths, this has a small, leaf shaped blade only suitable for thrusting.

Armor: If used, would have been worn discreetly under the clothes.

This article is based on material found in Tom Leoni’s translation of Antonio Manciolino’s Opera Nova.

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