Instructor’s Buckler

When teaching people basic strikes to contact the instructor is often hit, repeatedly. This can become somewhat annoying over time, especially if you happen to already have a bruise in that location. Hence the reason I invented The Instructor’s Buckler.

Instructors Buckler

This buckler was purposely designed to be small enough to be placed against any part of the body. With it the instructor can offer an unambiguous target to the student for both thrusting and cutting. The flat edges can also be used to indicate the direction of the cut, with the desired edge alignment being perpendicular to the buckler’s edge.

For safety the edges are folded and the corners rounded off. The handle, not shown, is securely riveted in place with solid brass rivets. If necessary, these can be tightened with any ballpein hammer. The center boss comes pre-cracked to remind the student that no armor is perfect and they must trust in the abilities, not just their equipment.

P.S. Any claims that this is really just a piece of scrap metal I used to practice dishing shield bosses on my new swage blocks are outrageous lies. Furthermore the claim that I used an old garage door handle instead of making a proper one is likewise fictitious and I have the Home Depot receipt to prove it.

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