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Connecting Meyer’s Three Slashes with Liechtenauer

And this very art is honestly real and true and it is about moving straight and simple, to the nearest target, taking the most direct way. For example, if someone intends to strike or thrust, it goes just like if … Continue reading

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Need more translations

I’m comparing the Swanger and Leoni translations of Manciolino and wow. They are really different. Some of the Swanger stuff that didn’t make sense is suddenly becoming clear in Leoni. But other passages by Leoni seem silly compared to Swanger. … Continue reading

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Manciolino’s Weapon Progression

Book 1 Sword and Buckler Attacks and Counters for each Guard Book 2 Assaults (forms/katas) Book 3 At the Half-Sword (binding) Book 4 Sword and Large Buckler Two Swords Sword Alone Book 5 Sword and Cape 2 vs 2, Everyone … Continue reading

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Equipment for Bolognese Fencing

Spada (Sword): Any style. This school was used in dueling so you have to be capable of using whatever weapon your opponent selected. Maximum length is to the navel when measured at the cross guard. Brocchiero Stretto (Small Buckler): Approximately … Continue reading

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