Fiore – Three Turns and Four Things

The three turns of the body:

  • Stable Turn: Balls of the feet. Rotate around the centerline which doesn’t move. Really useful for grappling.
  • Half Turn: Passing steps. Centerline moves in a straight line.
  • Full Turn: Compass step. Centerline moves in an arc.

Often you’ll combine two or three turns into one action.

The three turns of the sword: ???

The four things are all changes in relative positions of two bodies:

  • Passing
  • Turning
  • Increasing distance
  • Decreasing distance
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3 Responses to Fiore – Three Turns and Four Things

  1. I have always felt that this definition of the half turn, which many support isn’t quite right, Fiore generally uses relatively simple definitions that allow one to describe almost all actions that can be carried out. If the Mezza Volta was just a pass forward and back it seems a strange over lap as he now has two different definitions to describe the same thing. IMy personal feeling is that the mezza volta is a passing step but one that crosses the line. so one can “fight on the other side or behind”

    • Grauenwolf says:

      Oh yes, the instructor did insist that the mezzo volta was an offline step that changed the side you are fencing on. In my mind you never pass directly forward so I didn’t think to include that in my notes.

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