Military Smallsword Notes

Civilian weapon taught in a military context.

Lightweight and easy to carry around town or in social circumstances.

Little or no usable edge.

Very stiff, triangular blade.

If curved with an edge then it isn’t a smallword but rather a spadroon.

Eight thrusts numbered 1 to 8.

Eight matching parries, such that a thrust one is countered with a parry 1.

Dui-tempi system. Unlike other one-handed systems nothing is done in single time.

Position one is at attention. Right foot forward, left at 90 degrees. Heels are touching with the right in front of the left.

Position two is the on-guard position. Extend the right foot forward two foot-lengths. Keep the heels in line.

Sword is usually held at shoulder height with the point level with the opponent’s eye on the opposite side.

Edge is always to the left or right, never vertical.

Small advances and retreats. Modern sparring speeds are much, much faster than what you would use in a real fight when facing a sharp blade.

Don’t lean forward. Stay upright and balanced, especially when leaning forward can put a point in your face.

Even when lunging, don’t lean forward.

Remember to not lower your hand when lunging. Keep it at the original height.

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