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Guanto di Presa – Gauntlet of Grabbing

Can’t seem to find the original source of this picture.

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Joachim Meyer’s Dagger and Wrestling – Oberhut Techniques

Joachim Meyer’s Dagger and Wrestling – YouTube

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Meyer’s Longsword – Chapter Ten Videos

We have completed recording our preliminary interpretations of Meyer’s longsword cutting patterns from chapter ten. As time permits I intend to write posts about the individual techniques in this series.

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Manciolino’s Sword and Buckler – Measure and the First Attack in Guardia Alta

The first attack in Guardia Alta begins as follows, Accordingly, posing the case that you and your enemy are in guardia alta, and that you are the attacker, you can throw a mandritto at his sword hand which will go … Continue reading

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Hutton – The presence of the judge does not absolve the combatants from honorably acknowledging a fair hit when it has taken effect.

In his rules for a match or contest for prizes, Hutten recommends two judges and a referee. Each judge watches a single fencer, halting the fight when he sees a hit land. Then he and the referee decide if the … Continue reading

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