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Goliath 17 Recto – Mutieren or Mutating

Here is a preliminary interpretation of a basic play from the bind: How one shall drive transforming to both sides When you have struck him strongly above to the head from your right shoulder, if he displaces and is weak … Continue reading

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Equipment Problems with Binding and Winding Solved

With real sword, the edges bite into each other so that they don’t slide unless one or both fencers winds to a flat. This is known as “releasing the bind” and is an core technique for narrow work. Unfortunately modern … Continue reading

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Lesson Plan for Meyer’s Longsword: Running Off and First Tag

Ch 10. Open with a review of the feints from Meyer’s Cross. Ch 11. Introduce the Prellhauw in the context of the First Device against Tag. This is a parry with the flat, followed by a rising cut to the … Continue reading

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Manciolino’s Sword and Large Buckler: Coda Lunga e Alta 3

The third play is similar to the first. Like the first play, you’ll pass to his left with your right foot, your left foot immediately following behind. At the same time you’ll thrust into his side. Covering For your defense, … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Longsword – First Device Against Tag

Here begins our interpretations for Meyer’s chapter 11, Fighting form the Postures. What is Tag (or vom Tag is you prefer)? Before we begin with the device itself, let us talk about what means to be in Tag. Meyer says … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Longsword – Videos of the Example Device

Here is a video interpretation of Meyer’s example device for the longsword: And some further discussion on the same:

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Meyer’s Dagger – More on the First Precept

We did some more videos on the first precept from Meyer’s dagger to illustrate its versatility. Disarms Throws Take-downs

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