Goliath 17 Recto – Mutieren or Mutating

Here is a preliminary interpretation of a basic play from the bind:

How one shall drive transforming to both sides

When you have struck him strongly above to the head from your right shoulder, if he displaces and is weak on the sword, then wind the short edge on his sword to your left side and, driving well up with your arms, drive your sword’s blade high over his sword and stab his lower opening.

When you have struck high to his head from your left side and he displaces and is weak on the sword, then drive up with your arms and hang the point over his sword from above and stab to his second opening. Thus you will drive the two elements from all strikes as you find him weak and strong on the sword.

Translated by Mike Rassmussen

Video Interpretation

We filmed this play before we started friction taping our swords so you’ll see a bit of slippage in the bind. We’ll need to refilm this at some point.

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