Meyer’s Longsword – More Thoughts on the Kurtzhau or Short Cut

This is useful against someone who understands the Krumphau and doesn’t throw his whole body into the initial attack.

Imagine someone who fights in True Time, which is to say he starts his cuts with just the arms and then, if he hasn’t changed his mind, completes the cut with a step.

You start to throw what appears to be a Krumphau.

He sees you start and hesitates. Nine times out of ten this is the right response. While your sword goes wide, he chooses a new opening and finishes his attack by following you to the right. Look at the left-fencer in the illustration, he is well over the left foot. There is no reason to be there if he didn’t think you were going in the same direction.

But you don’t go to the right. Instead you finish your cut with a step to the left.

Why is the pommel so close to the face? Because you initial brought your right shoulder forward to fake the step to the right. When you instead took the step to the left, your arms get bound up and you can’t fully extend them.

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