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On the format of our new Workbooks for Independent Study Groups

We are nearing completion revision 7 of our longsword workbook so I thought this would be a good time to reiterate the core principles behind our training manuals. First and foremost, we’re looking for ways to improve retention. It doesn’t … Continue reading

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Nachreisen means Contra Tempo

For those with an Italian background, it is important to understand that a Nachreisen (following or chasing) is nothing more than an attack in Contra Tempo (counter-time). Consider these quotes, Ridolfo Capoferro Contra tempo is when at the very same … Continue reading

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What can you parry?

When my club was founded two year ago an important tenet was that we would focus on the basics before even touching the manuals. For what good is it to know all of master strikes and dozens of complicated plays … Continue reading

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How can he offend you?

At a recent practice we came to the realization that we were not properly teaching the concept of likely lines of attack. For example, if someone is in right ochs with the longsword, they are unlikely to try directly attacking … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Forward – Reasons to Study from a Book

Meyer begins his forward to the reader by claiming that the “free knightly art of combat” hasn’t been previously published. While the various manuscripts certainly don’t qualify as being “published”, there were certainly other published fencing manuals that predate him. … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Dedication

According to Meyer, the study of the sword is in decline due to the introduction of the gun, a weapon he finds ignoble. But despite the gun’s predominance on the battlefield, melee weapons and armor are still very much in … Continue reading

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Practice Notes – Dec 18, 2014

Sabre Fenced sabre without masks or other protective gear. Not something we do often, but it really helps to reconnect with the fact that we are dealing with weapons, not just toys. And the extra mobility and visibility you gain … Continue reading

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Starting Over my Gloss

I’ve been doing this for quite awhile and have learned much. Since when I first started this blog I’ve written hundreds of essays, created several training guides, posted dozens of videos, and have started my own club which now boasts … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Longsword – Guard Progressions

The progressions in chapter 3 are Day -> Longpoint -> Fool [Scalp Cut] Irongate* -> Hanging Point -> Unicorn -> Key [Cross-arm parry] Wrath –> Longpoint –> Changer [Wrath cut] Changer –> Longpoint –> Wrath [Slash] Side guard –> Longpoint … Continue reading

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Looking for reviewers for our Meyer Longsword I Workbook

A couple years ago my club produced a workbook for new study groups wanting to get into German longsword without a proper teacher. Since then we’ve dramatically improved in both our knowledge and teaching style and we’re ready to codify … Continue reading

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