Practice Notes – Dec 18, 2014


Fenced sabre without masks or other protective gear. Not something we do often, but it really helps to reconnect with the fact that we are dealing with weapons, not just toys. And the extra mobility and visibility you gain by dropping down to the essentials shouldn’t be over-looked.


The focus of today’s class was on using the edge of the rondel dagger. To that effect we added a strip of tape to remind people where that edge was.

Many of Meyer’s dagger plays assume that you have at least one sharp edge that faces forward. After an overbind, he will often use rising slashes with the point down, usually followed by reversing directions to stab along the line you just left or to circle around to the other side of the head.

So far I haven’t seen any slashes that require the point to be upwards, nor have I seen any descending slashes.

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