Longsword – Left Zornhau vs. Meyer’s Left Pflug

This begins with the patient in Meyer’s Left Pflug (Plow). In theory, the patient could also be in Schlussel (Key).


As the agent throws a left Zornhau (Wrath cut), the patient will make a small increase of the right foot and extend his weapon forward such that it sets aside the attack with the short edge.

Then without leaving the bind, the patient fencer passes left and cuts a Zwerch (Thwart) to the right side of his opponent’s head.

The conclusion of this technique looks somewhat like the illustration below (Meyer 1570, B, Upper Left). I would recommend having the hands a bit higher, but that might not be necessary due to the passing step.


Why This Works

The extension of the arms places them inline with the body and legs, allowing the blow to be partially absorbed by the body’s entire skeletal structure. The ramp created by the short edge redirects the rest of the energy without giving any back to the attacker.

The Zwerch that follows gets is safety from the fact that the sword hasn’t left the bind and is still between your head and your opponent’s sword.

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