Reading Meyer’s Cutting Diagram, A Theory

In the back of Meyer’s 1560 manual there is a set of curious diagrams. They don’t seem to be explained anywhere, but have the appearance of cutting diagrams.


Our theory is that each number that is preceded by a circle indicates a thrust originating from that quadrant.


This theory assumes that there are some stray marks and mistakes in the diagrams, which we believe is feasible given that this is a  manuscript rather than a heavily edited and printed text. That said, there are numerous features that we need to explain.


Lines 1 and 2 are very steep, cutting from the knee through the face. I see this as analogous to Fiore’s rising cuts.


Cut #1 is to the thigh.  Given that it is only a half-cut, it is probably a low feint followed by the real attack from above.


Again, we see a rising cut that is intend as a feint to draw the parry away from the real attack.


These two employ both high and low horizontal cuts.

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