Longsword – Right Underhauw vs. Meyer’s Left Pflug

Once again we are beginning in Meyer’s Left Pflug (Plow). This also works if the patient is in Schlussel (Key).

As the right Underhauw (Under cut) comes in, the patient steps out to the left using his left foot. As with the counter to the right Zornhau, the left foot doesn’t extend much past the right.

At the same time as he steps, the patient thrusts at the throat such that he ends in Langort (Longpoint) with the left foot forward.



The thrust must be directed at the throat. Concentrate on this and, with a correct step, you’ll be safe. If you consciously try to parry the cut, then your parry will go wide and probably fail to protect you.

The agent should throw the rising cut correctly, which is to say with the blade leading the hands. If he instead leads with the hands, the counter-thrust will simultaneously cut the hand. This makes drilling somewhat painful.

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