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Longsword – Zornhau vs. Meyer’s Left Pflug

This begins with the patient in Meyer’s Left Pflug (Plow). In theory, the patient could also be in Schlussel (Key). As the Zornhau is made, the patent fencer steps out with the left foot. This isn’t a passing step, the … Continue reading

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Teaching Parries

For the last two years, my club has been teaching basic parries using what I feel is a somewhat novel approach. For most of our classes, beginning students don’t start with prescribed parries from the manuals. Instead they are encouraged … Continue reading

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Proposed Terminology for Gripping the Staff, Spear, and Similar Weapons

There are numerous ways to hold a short staff or quarterstaff. Unfortunately none of the manuals I’ve run across seem to enumerate these succinctly. So in order to make conversations about these weapons easier, I am proposing this set of … Continue reading

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Agrippa’s Long Step

For a long time I thought that Agrippa disliked the lunge. It turns out that I made this mistake by a combination of unfamiliar terminology, a poor translation, and  reading far too much into the paragraph that explains the counter … Continue reading

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Agrippa – Closing with Passing Steps

The context for this play is that your opponent is just out of reach. Depending on the translation, either you literally can’t reach him or it is merely hard to do so. For our purposes, lets say you can barely … Continue reading

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