Interpretation pages on Wiktenauer

I’ve started working on putting interpretation pages on Wiktenauer. I’ve chosen Figueyredo Greatsword Simple Rule 1 to preview the format.

In order to make the interpretations easy to find without being obtrusive, my proposal is to place a simple link at the bottom of the technique’s translation.

image 1

The interpretation page itself will start with just a link back the to manual it refers to. Below that will be headings for written interpretations, video interpretations, and related forum discussions.

image 2

As a reminder, this is rule for videos on Wiktenauer:

Technique interpretational videos will be included at the bottom of every technique page. Only post one video per group. Also note that videos are expected to be of reasonable quality. Be sure that you can be clearly heard while speaking (or include subtitles), that you are actually demonstrating the technique and not just atlking about, and that users can easily see what you are demonstrating.

I would like to finalize the format ASAP so that we can use it for the April video challenge. So please post your questions and suggestions right away.

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4 Responses to Interpretation pages on Wiktenauer

  1. Couple things:

    – You should include the text of the thing you’re discussing on the page.
    – Don’t put an “interpretation” link in the master’s article, instead link the first occurrence of the name of the technique you’re discussing (I changed this on the Figureydo page to demonstrate).
    – Identify the author of each video, as I did on the mastercut pages. Many people are only interested in watching the videos of people they trust. Adding the date would help as well.
    – “Figureydo Greatsword Simple Rule I” is not the right direction to go with titles. Technique pages should be titled by the name of the technique, the differentiated as needed with parentheticals, e.g. “Simple Rule I (Figureydo)”. However, then you run into the problem that most of Figureydo’s rules are also taught by other Montante masters (i.e. Alfieri), and you will want to group them together so that you get the most insight possible on each technique. Figureydo was not a great place to start, really, because there’s still a lot more work to be done as far as establishing a systematic taxonomy of Montante rules. James Clark could tell you more than I could about that.

    • Grauenwolf says:

      If we’re going to be arguing about naming conventions, then this effort is way too premature to start moving into Wiktenauer. Maybe in a year or two once more research has been done.

      • It’s important to take a beat and think about how your ideas will scale before you start building. Nothing sucks more than getting months or years in and realizing that you made a critical error and have to redo all of it. Which has happened to me on Wiktenauer at least twice.

    • Grauenwolf says:

      The rest of the changes have been made as per your instructions.

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