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Why do you lean back with the rapier?

We often see people leaning backwards with the rapier. Why do they do this? Well there are a number of reasons. Capoferro writes, The purpose for the vita to be bent thus is: first, because in this way you are … Continue reading

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How much for Fencing Lessons in the 1400’s?

To start with, consider Dardi’s approval for teaching fencing. Dardi wants to charge 7 lire to teach the sword and buckler while the city thought 3 lire was more appropriate. They settled on 4. So how much is 4 lire? … Continue reading

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Beating vs. Slicing Off with the Rapier

Since it came up in my last post, I should talk about what I mean by “beat”. When I hear that term I think of a sharp strike that leaves the point more or less online. It is used to … Continue reading

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The Problem with Distance in Capoferro

Another problem with Plate 20 was pointed out to me. This play is part of a set that looks at what you should and should not do when constrained on the outside as per this illustration. Also consider this quote … Continue reading

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Blade Length and Capoferro

Something that has been bothering me for quite some time is the insistence on using short blades for Capoferro. Consider this passage: Therefore the sword has to be twice as long as the arm, and as much as my extraordinary … Continue reading

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L’Ange Style Rapiers by Darkwood

This photo shows a pair of L’Ange style rapiers by Darkwood Armory (except the lower pommel, which I made myself). The blades are 45”, which according to the translator puts it right around the author’s recommended length as estimated from … Continue reading

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Longsword: A Routine for Meyer’s Guards

Though not common in the German tradition, routines are a very important learning tool for learning martial arts. Known as an Assault in Italian or Kata in Asian traditions, this serves as both a good workout and a way to … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Longsword – Secondary Guards

Excerpt from our Meyer Longsword 1 Workbook. Chapter 6 – Secondary Guards In The Art of Combat, there is a variety of secondary guards. Meyer considers each is considered to be a variant of one of the four primary guards. … Continue reading

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Is Einschiessen (Shooting In) a Falso Imputanto?

I’m kicking around a theory. Might be total bullshit, but here you go: Longsword Exercise 10 – Shooting In Reference: Book 1, Chapter 10, Pattern 11 (1.30r.1) Note that while the intention of this drill is to demonstrate a push … Continue reading

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MS I.33 and the Problem of Distance

An ongoing problem I’ve been seeing in I.33 interpretations is a disregard for measure, the distance between a fencer and his opponent’s weapon. Consider this illustration: The red lines on the bottom are of equal length, suggesting that the front … Continue reading

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