Is Einschiessen (Shooting In) a Falso Imputanto?

I’m kicking around a theory. Might be total bullshit, but here you go:

Longsword Exercise 10 – Shooting In

Reference: Book 1, Chapter 10, Pattern 11 (1.30r.1)

Note that while the intention of this drill is to demonstrate a push cut, a thrust is equally useful and uses essentially the same movements.

Joachim Meyer

In the Onset, shoot through before him and strike with the short edge from your left at his right ear, not with crossed hands, but such that your pommel stands out toward your left. Pull quickly back up toward your right and cross your hands in the air; strike with crossed hands at his lower right opening from your left. In all this see that you have stepped out with a double step to his right, with your head well behind your blade.

1: Begin in right Pflug or Langort.

2: Pass forward with the left foot, pushing a cut to the right ear with the short edge. You will look like the figure on the right, but with the hilt turned out and the short edge inward at the ear.

3: Gather the right foot while pulling the sword into a right Ochs.

4: Step out to the left with a rising Zwerch to his right.

Sword & Large Buckler Exercise  8 – Thrusting


Cap. 93. Which declares that in this eighth part you will be agent with the thrust.

Being in the coda longa e stretta, I want you to step with the left foot toward s your enemy’s left side. During this step you will thrust with a falso impuntato to the left temple of your enemy as aforementioned. In this manner he will uncover his lower parts for fear of the thrust. You will then give a mandritto to the legs.

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