Marozzo’s Great Sword – True Edge Stretta 3

The third stretta for the true edge begins with a riverso tondo as a feint. Marozzo doesn’t tell us how to throw the tondo, but we can refer to the second stretta on how to begin this technique.

Rather than completing the tondo, you duck down and drop your sword behind you. As you do this, make sure you are dropping down with your whole body. If you just lean forward, you won’t have the strength and balance needed to rise up again.


Also, being with the enemy true-edge with true-edge, you will pass with your left leg forwards towards his right side and you will make, in such passing, the showing of a roverso tondo for the head; and in that making of the said showing you will throw your sword behind the shoulders [behind the back] and you will take with your right arm the right leg of the enemy, I mean that you will give the said arm between his legs and the head you will put it below the lasina dritta of the enemy, in a way that, you wanting, you will cast him from you shoulders back and with the head and you will make a head long rush.

Video Interpretation


The first refinement is to practice the second stretta until it is well honed. If your opponent knows you can’t throw a good roverso tondo, he isn’t going to believe a fake one either.

Next is the footwork. The right-foot needs to go besides or behind the opponent’s right. If you naively step between his feet things become awkward pretty fast and you risk a pommel to the head.

Other Sources

Manciolino describes a similar throw when using the sword and small buckler. His version begins with a false edge stretta, which is to say your opponent’s blade is to your right.

The third way of offending will be that finding yourself with your left forward you will cross toward his left side with your right foot, pretending to strike him in the head with a mandritto; nonetheless in that pretense you will let your sword fall to the ground behind you, and immediately crossing toward his right side with your left foot, you will stick your head under his right armpit and your hand inside the thigh of his leg, and lifting him from the ground you will make him fall behind your shoulders.

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