I.33, Blade Width, and Lugs

When researching Marozzo’s greatsword, we discovered that the lugs are very important in the thrust. The lugs effectively made the blade wider, allowing it to drive the opponent’s sword offline as we extended our own thrust.


Looking at the blades in the illustration, we can see that is it rather wide at the base. I don’t have any to test at the moment, but I would surmise that the extra width would act in a similar manner to lugs on a great sword. Which is to say, that they could expel the blade during a thrust.

The wide base may also offer hand protection. As it is nearly as wide as the hand gripping the sword, the opponent’s blade is less likely to lever over the quillon in a way that could cut the hand.



If you find other vendors, let me know so that I can add them.

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