L’Ange – Chapter 1 Quarta

And now our final guard.





Features of the guard as per the illustration

  • Point is at the height of the shoulder
  • Hilt is the height of the natural waist
  • Body is upright or leaning slightly back
  • The hilt is above or slightly in front of the knee
  • The arm is extended so that the elbow is above the knee or the thigh
  • The weight is slightly back
  • The off hand is in front of the body or face
  • The rear foot is turned slight out or at a right angle
  • The rear knee is bent
  • The front knee is nearly straight
  • The heels are inline or the feet slightly crossed
  • The thumb is on the flat of the blade
  • The pommel is under the wrist
  • The top quillon is turned slighting inwards or slightly outwards

Features of the guard as per the text

  • The fist is turned upwards
  • The thumb on the top of the blade
  • The arm extended
  • The point aimed at the right breast
  • The left shoulder is withdrawn
  • The left knee somewhat bent
  • The [left] hand forward
  • This is the most useful guard
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