L’Ange – Chapter 1 Tertia

Continuing our look at the guards…





Features of the guard as per the illustration

  • The point is shoulder high
  • The hilt is at the level of the natural waist
  • The arm is extended so that the hand is just past the toe, the elbow over the knee
  • The top quillon is vertical or turned slightly inwards
  • The body is upright or leaning somewhat back
  • The right leg is straighter than the left
  • The weight is just in front of the left leg.
  • The heels are almost in line
  • The left foot is turned slightly out or at a right angle
  • The thumb is on the flat
  • The pommel under the wrist

Features of the guard as per the text

  • The hand is straight
  • The thumb along the flat of the blade
  • The outside of the hand is to the outside
  • The arm is stiff in a straight line
  • The point is at the body, or at the highest the head
  • The left hand is forward in front of the body
  • The left shoulder is turned back
  • The right shoulder is turned forward
  • L’Ange doesn’t use this guard much, as the sword is easily gained and its harder to disengage because the point is somewhat high
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