Marozzo’s Greatsword – True Edge Stretta 5

The next play is a counter against someone who rushes in from the bind.

Marozzo (Translation by Craig Pitt-Pladdy)

Now watch that being engaged the enemy with the true-edge with true-edge he charges you strongly on to the above said and I make this because he has reason to charge against you, but so, seeing this, you will cast your left leg to cross his right leg outside and at the same time that you will throw the said leg, you will give him your left arm in the throat, under the chin, in front and there you will thrust the said arm outside and the leg inside, in a way that you will throw him to the ground without needing anything else.

This is pretty easy to understand. Just throw your left leg behind his right, your left arm to his throat, and he’ll easily go to the ground.

Video Interpretation

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